Thursday, August 27, 2009

Sears School Class of '65 Reunion Fri. 9-25

Calling all Sears grads! Meet at Hackney's on Lake in the lower level starting at 7 pm. Contact Carol Hunt at for details. C U there!

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ann carra said...

ATTENTION Sears grads: Burns, Clo,Christian, Christoph, Coyne, Dix, Ellis, Fyfe, Morley, Middleton, McMullen, Jones, Houfek, Henkel, Granum, Goss, Lafferty, Nicholson, Price, Scholl, Raithel, Shaw, Smith, Simmons, Sivright, Stuhr, Ware and others...FRIDAY NIGHT, 9/25, HACKNEY'S ON LAKE, 7:00 pm!!!!!
See you there!!!