Thursday, September 24, 2009

Glencoe Central Jr High School Class of '65 Reunion Friday 9-25 7:30

All classmates are welcome to meet at Prairie Grass Cafe 601 Skokie Hiway in Northbrook at 7:30 for drinks & reminising! Please contact for questions & info. C U there!

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Blast from the Past-CD Release of 1969 Lagniappe Musical For Adults Only

Finally, what the entertainment world has been waiting for – the CD release of the '69 Lagniappe musical,“For Adults Only” plus the bonus '68 Lagniappe album “Kingdom Come!” Since the only likely existing vinyl records reside in Charlie Ernst’s basement, he has digitally re-mastered the albums & original album covers & is making a limited supply available at the reunion at a specially-reduced price for NT students of $20 each. Although not yet reviewed by Rolling Stone Magazine, these re-mastered albums promise to have some sort of impact on the genre of American musicals as we know it. So get your own copy of these classic American treasures before you see them on Antiques Road Show at astronomical prices. If you wish to order one, please contact Charlie at

Who's Coming, Maybes, & No Shows as of 9/20/09

D = Definitely, P = Probably, N = No Show

Adams, Kathy -N

Gold, Ellen

Neuman, Linda -D

Alder, Clay -D
Goodfriend, Stan -P
Nicholson, Nancy -P
Aldrich, Patty - D
Goodman, Ilyse -D
Niebank III, C. George -N
Anderson, Lee -N
Goldman, John -D
Oliver, Rick - P
Anderson, Richard -D
Goss, Kathleen -D
Palmer, Wally - N
Ashenden, Tom -D
Gotta, Mike -P
Pancoe, Peggy -D
Ator, Nancy -D
Granum, Lani -D
Pearson, Peggy -N
Bard, Judy -D
Greene, Katie -D
Peck, David -D
Bard, Julie -P
Hall, Dennis -D
Peters, Barbara - D
Barnes, Alison -D
Hall, Steve -D
Pettersen, Marianne -D
Barthel, Jack -D
Hall, Susan -D
Peterson, Gary -P
Bayer, Jack -D
Halpin, Helen -D
Pocock, Patsy -D
Beattie, Cathy -N
Handtmann, Kyle -D
Polakowski, Sophia -N
Bernick, Reuben -D
Hanna, Jamie -D
Pollack, Marv -D
Bernstein, Debi -D
Hanssen, Peggy -N
Poulos, Nancie -D
Beucher, Brian -D
Hantman, Connie -D
Price, Andrea -D
Bevan, Barb -N
Harper, David -D
Regan, Dennis -D
Bienemann, Katherine -P
Harris, Richard -P
Raithel, Chris -D
Bley, Marsha -D
Harrison, Trudy -D
Redcay, Katherine -N
Bobrow, Carol - P
Hendrick, Carol -D
Reichert, Barbara -D
Boyer, Brad -D
Henkel, Carol -D
Richman, Kay -D
Brandt, Hank -D
Henschel, Tom -N
Richter, Mary -D
Bradley, Ann -N
Hensel, Linda -D
Ricketts, Kathy -D
Braun, Dan -N
Heyman, Donna - D
Rieger, Rick -D
Briggs, Jean -N
Hicks, Debbie -P
Rittenberg, Lynn -D
Briggs, Laural -N
Hoberg, Kathy -N
Roddy, Joy -D
Bro, Kim  -D
Hohf, Jay -N
Roll, Amy - N
Brookman, Judy -D
Houfek, Nancy -D
Rossiter, Catherine -D
Bruemmer, Linda -D
Houser, Chad -N
Roston, Laurie -D
Burns, Deb -D
Huge, Chip -N
Rothermel, Nancy -D
Burns, Graham -D
Hughey, Linda -N
Rubens, Tom -D
Butler, Peter -D
Hyman, Francine -D
Rubenstein, Laurie -D
Butz, Polly -D
Jaeschke, Frank - P
Ruethling, Ed - N
Campbell, Don -D
Jaffe, Jennifer - N
Ryan, Bob -D
Campbell, Sarah -D
Javore, Gary -D
Sager, David -D
Campbell, Scott -D
Jones, R. Ann -P
Sandler, Marideth -D
Cantin, Rick -N
Johnson, Craig - D
Satin, Carol -D
Carlin, Dot -D
Johnson, David -D
Saville, Sally -P
Carlson, Rick -D
Johnson, Janice -D
Scholl, Phyllis -D
Carlstrom, Joyce -N
Johnson, Marilyn -N
Schumacher, Doris -D
Chadwick, Peter -D
Johnson, Scott A. -D
Scully, Roger -D
Chimoures, Pam -D
Juliusberg, Marilyn -D
Schumacher, Doris -D
Christoph, Christine -D
Kaufman, Steve -D
Sebstad, Tiger (Cynthia) - D
Clark, Deb -N
Keith, Jack -N
Shaw, Par -D
Clark, James -N
Kelly, Mary -D
Shurman, Bev -D
Clampitt, Cynthia - D
Kempner, Jamie -D
Siden, Barbara - D
Cohen, Beth -D
Kinsella, Dan -P
Siegert, Allan - N
Cohen, Larry -D
Kimmel, Anne -D
Simpson, Dale -N
Cole, Lori -N
Kirby, Kathy -N
Smith, Al -D
Connolly, Tom -N
Klee, Andy -D
Smithers, Storme -D
Cook, Martha -D
Knight, Penny -D
Simmon, Taffy/Alexis -D
Corrigan, Jane -N
Kocour, Colette -D
Simmons, Ellie -D
Coyne, Laurie -D
Kolflat, Karen -D
Sindorf, Pam -D
Crane, Beth -D
Krause, David -D
Sivright, John -D
Crosby, Sam -D
Kretchmer, Keith - D
Sobel, Steve -D
Cunningham, Keith -N
Kuhn, Donna -D
Sosna, Wendy -D
Curley, Steve -D
Lafferty, Linda -D
Spector, Lee -D
Davis, Roberta -D
Lage, Mary -D
Spiro, Bill -N
Dean, Stacy -D
Lambart, Flori -N
Steffen, Mike -D
Demmon, Marc -D
Lang, Lindsey -D
Steffens, Duane -D
Denson, Pamela -D
Larkin, Ed -D
Steinhoff, Dee -D (late arrival)
Deutsch, Debbie -N
Lawlor, Rosalie -D
Sternberg, Patty -D
Dix, Tom -D
Lawrence, Steve -D
Stiles, Don -D
Dollard, Sally -D
Lee, Jennifer -D
Stuhr, Kathleen -D
Drucker, Bill -D
Lersch, Jim -N
Swanson, Vicki -D
Drummond, Kathy -D
Leslie, Chuck -D
Tappendorf, Linda -N
Dunlap, Peter -N
Leverenz, Barb -N
Tinen, Jay -D
Dunn, Dan -P
Lewis, Laura -P
Tobias, Patti -P
Early, Hobey -P
Liebow, Cindy -N
Treacy, Mary -N
Eckstein, Bonny -D
Lingle, Chris - D
Treadwell, Jennifer -N
Ellis, Nancy -D
Littlefield, Art - D
Truesdale, Ann -N
Elmore, Patti -D
Lubershane, Simon -D
Vance, Jane -D
Ernst, Charles -D
Mack, Charles -D
Vignola, John -N
Epstein, Peter -P
Manos, Denise -D
Wagner, Jeff -P
Ewald, Norm -D
Martin, Elizabeth -N
Wagner, Betsy - D
Feiger, Steven -D
McBride, Jim -D
Walsh, Linda -N
Fell, Andrea -D
McLaren, James -D
Ware, Wendy -D
Fergusson, Laurel -D
McMullen, Steve -D
Warhover, Buck -D
Ferris, Bruce - D
McNair, Maggie -N
Warner, Kiki -D
Fishbein, Sally -D
McNitt, Jim -P
Weiner, Laurie -P
Flanzer, Jane -D
Meiresonne, Mike -D
Wells, Cia -N
Foulks, Debby -D
Meyers, BZ -D
Wertheimer, Caryl -D
Foltz, Phoebe -D
Michel, Catherine -P
Westerman, Mary -D
Ford, Rich -D
Middleton, John -D
Wexler, Marcia -N
Franco, Joyce -D
Millard, Tony -D
Wexman, Shar -D
Freeman, Liz -D
Miller, Jenny - D
Wheeler, Woody -D
Fresen, Bob -D
Miller, Susan - N
White, Patricia -P
Fulton, Jane -D
Mitchell, Jim -D
White, Jim -N
Fyfe, John -D
Mizell, Jean -D
Whitney, Jack -D
Gecht, Robert -D
Mora, Bob -D
Wiemers, JoAnne "Pody" -D
Geocaris, John -D
Morley, Bill -D
Wilcox, Jean -D
Gilbert, Debora -D
Murray, Ed -D
Wrapp, Jenny -D
Gilbert, Libbie -D
Neches, Bob - N
Wyco, Linda -D
Glassberg, Nancy -D
Neilson, Kit - D
Yoeman, Robert - D
Gobble, Deb -D
Nelson, Barbara -D
Zeddies, Suzanne -P

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Locust Jr High School Class of '65 Reunion Sat. 9-26 10 am Breakfast

Please join us for an informal get together at Walker Bros. Original Pancake House in Wilmette on Green Bay Rd. at 10 am. Please RSVP ASAP if coming to Lonni Hoffman Glickson . Hope to C  U there!

Monday, September 14, 2009

20th Reunion Photos

New Trier East Class of '69 - 20th Reunion Photos
Click on the picture below to view the entire album!

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Be True to Your School! Say it loud & Wear it Proud!

Whether you're coming to the reunion or not, here's a chance to purchase NT t-shirts, sweatshirts & pants, hats, jumbo coffee mugs, hats, womens sports shorts and more by going to the New Trier Book Store.

Friday, August 28, 2009

Friday Night 9-25 Where the Action Is!

Go to Champps (Americana) Sports Bar on the west side of the Old Orchard Shopping Center. Look for the sign high on a wall "Loews Theaters 1-6". Champps Bar is right there below that sign! Congregate at 8 or after! This is the same sports bar we'll be going to after the saturday reunion. C U there!

Note: The picture of the building in the Champps website is not that of the Old Orchard bar since it is a part of the shopping center.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

New Trier East Tour - Sat morning at 10 o'clock sharp 9-26 RSVP!

If you want travel back in time, wander the halls, hang out in the rotunda, find your old locker, see your old adviser room, recall the smells of the lunchroom, locker rooms, gyms, and view the numerous improvements, contact David Harper at 847-446-8027 or to make your required reservation. Tour will commence at 10 am in the rotunda. Don't miss it & don't be late! NTE may not be there when you return for the 50th reunion!? Look for your tour guide, Matt.

Sears School Class of '65 Reunion Fri. 9-25

Calling all Sears grads! Meet at Hackney's on Lake in the lower level starting at 7 pm. Contact Carol Hunt at for details. C U there!

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Reunion Jam Fest Sat Afternoon

Where: 2116 N. Leavitt St. Chicago - Bring your axe to play & sing!
When: Sat. Sept. 26 from noon to 2 pm - Play solo or play as a group!
Who: Class members & Friends - Come just to listen & dance!
What: Stage, Mics & Amps - BYOB & lunch or a snack to share.
We love live music & players - so come & join the fun!
For RSVP & Info: Contact Jack Whitney

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Glencoe Central Jr High School Class of '65 Reunion

Calling all Spartans! We're getting together Saturday Sept. 26th from 10 am to noon for a continental breakfast to share memories and take a tour of the school. Meet at Young Auditorium at 10 am sharp and please bring $10 to cover food & drink. Please RSVP to C U there!

Monday, February 2, 2009

Save the Date - 40th Reunion Sept. 26th, 2009

The date for the class of '69 40th Reunion is set for September 26th, 2009 at Maggiano's restaurant at Old Orchard in Skokie. Maggiano's is located on the east side of the complex off of Skokie Boulevard.
The event starts at 6:00pm and ends at 12:30am.
Please contact David Harper (847) 446-8027 or for questions regarding this exciting event.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Post Reunion Event for the pardy hardy crowd!


After Maggiano's closes and if you're still up to it, walk or drive to the west side of the Old Orchard mall and have a night cap or two! Champps stays open till 3! Party on Garth! If you checked your car at Maggianos, remember to obtain it before going to Champps! East meets West! The NTW class of '69 will join us at Champps after their reunion party the same night.
There is no cover charge!

Two DVDs will be shown on their big TV screens: Sr. year ditch day at Wrigley Field aka Wrigley Field Romp II also a compilation of photos from '66 to '68 with many pix of our classmates!

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Slideshow of Reunion Photos

Skokie School Class of '65 Reunion 9-25-09

A Skokie School reunion is planned for Friday night 9-25-09 from 6:30 to 10:30 pm hosted by Nancy Ator, Ronna Hoffberg, BZ Meyers & Mary Westerman. Complimentary beverage & appetizers will be served in the Meadowlake Clubhouse which is in the condos across from New Trier West. Enter at Arbor Lane which is just west of the Happ/Winnetka Ave. intersection off Winnetka Ave. on the south side of Winnetka Ave. Guests are welcome. Invites will be sent by Evite on 7-22. Contact Ronna at with questions.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Recommended Hotel Accommodations

Hampton Inn & Suites at 5201 Old Orchard Rd. in Skokie (just west of Edens) is providing a group discount under the group title "New Trier East Reunion - Class of '69". This hotel is very close to the reunion location in Old Orchard and provides complimentary breakfast. The contact is Janice Alvarez at 847-583-2404 or 847-583-1111 or  Please book ASAP for you can always cancel 30 days prior if you cannot attend! The hotel has only 200 rooms.

As a second hotel alternative that is slightly closer to the reunion location (within walking distance) please consider DoubleTree Hotel at 9599 Skokie Blvd. in Skokie (corner of Gold Rd & Skokie Blvd) which is also offering a group discount. They do not, however, offer a complimentary breakfast, but appear to be slightly less than the Hampton Inn.

Saturday, November 29, 2008

1969: The year that defined an era

-the first time gays fought back against NY Police as they raided a gay bar in Greenwich Village
-Camelot lost its luster when Ted Kennedy drove off a bridge & his female passenger drowned
-Neil Armstrong, the first man to moon-walk (sorry M J)
-Charles Manson's followers killed actress Sharon Tate & four others
-Woodstock & Altamont (one homicide & 3 accidental deaths)
-Lt. Wm. Calley was charged for his role in the '68 My Lai massacre, over 500 Vietnamese killed
-First on stage nudity: Oh! Calcutta! & Hair
-Infamous films: I am a curious yellow & Midnight Cowboy, first X-rated film to win an Oscar
-Now Classic films: Butch Cassidy & the Sundance Kid & Easy Rider
-Public TV: Sesame Street
-Top 6 TV shows: Laugh-in, Gomer Pyle, Bonanza, Mayberry RFD, Gunsmoke & Family Affair
-World Series: Mets over the Baltimore Orioles
-Earth pollution: Ohio's Cuyahoga River caught fire
-Top fiction books: Portnoy's Complaint, The Godfather, The Love Machine, The Inheritors & The Andromeda Strain
-Pop music: Led Zepplin took flight, The Who created rock opera Tommy, The Beatles broke up,
The Rolling Stones were in top form & released Gimme Shelter
-Top 10 Silver Dollar Survey as of 6-12-69: Bad Moon Arising, Get Back, Romeo & Juliet themesong, In the Ghetto, Morning Girl, Grazing in the Grass, Love, Medicine Man, Too Busy Thinking About My Baby & Good Morning Starshine
-The Wrigley Field Romp (Part 1 & part 2) John A. Sivright Jr., creator & founder
-We graduated on June 12th
*Recommended Reading: 1969: The Year Everything Changed by Robert Kirkpatrick (288 pp.)

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Where are they now?

Please send names and e-mail addresses of any classmates that you have. This will help to ensure everyone is invited.