Sunday, January 18, 2009

Skokie School Class of '65 Reunion 9-25-09

A Skokie School reunion is planned for Friday night 9-25-09 from 6:30 to 10:30 pm hosted by Nancy Ator, Ronna Hoffberg, BZ Meyers & Mary Westerman. Complimentary beverage & appetizers will be served in the Meadowlake Clubhouse which is in the condos across from New Trier West. Enter at Arbor Lane which is just west of the Happ/Winnetka Ave. intersection off Winnetka Ave. on the south side of Winnetka Ave. Guests are welcome. Invites will be sent by Evite on 7-22. Contact Ronna at with questions.


Stephen said...

For those of you that went to Crow Island and Greeley with me I have posted some class pictures on Facebook. See you in September.

--Steve Hall said...

Ra Ra Ra for Hubbard Woods!
Sis boom ba for Hubbard Woods!
We shout where ere we go
You're sure to know
We do our best!

Hubbard Woods has brought us fame
And now it's on to Skokie, that's our aim
Let's give a rousing cheer for school and teachers
Hubbard Woods! said...

We are the girls from Skokie School
We think we are pretty cool
We don't smoke and we don't drink
And we don't go with the boys that stink!

(Anyone know the origins of this?)